Saturday, April 19, 2014

Isles Chapter 12: Flat ceilings are lame

New paneled ceiling, trim, and a fresh color scheme for the guest bedroom, enough said.

Thanks Chris and Betsy!

Isles custom ceiling

After a beautiful renovation of their bathroom last year Chris and Betsy had the VT PRO crew back to build some custom ceilings in the dinning room and one of the guest bedrooms.

The 150+ year old dinning room was screaming for a make over to match the Isles warm and inviting home.  The open beam ceiling was insulated and a new LED lighting layout was installed complete with a textured ceiling and stained trim, and all outdated wiring was brought up to code. Boom.

Here are some progress shots of the crew in action.

Taylor stripping wall-paper (the before shot).
Stef and Mike jacking up some sheetrock. Easy guy!
Boss Ross paid us a visit!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Inn at the Mad River Barn

Vermont Pro teamed up with Edgcomb Design, Birdseye Building, and more to complete an extensive renovation of the Inn at the Mad River Barn.  Owners Andrew and Heather Lynd had a beautiful vision of preserving this historic beauty and incorporating modern amenities with an industrial feel.  From start to finish the entire VT PRO team poured a lot of love and sweat into long days and nights in order get the Inn up and ready for business.  Next time you're thinking of coming to the Mad River Valley for a ski get away or summer hike you should most definitely plan on booking a night or two at the Inn, you won't regret it and you'll fall in Love with the Lynd family.

All images rights are reserved by Pure Mint Media and VT PRO.

Restoration of the Brauer Home

Wendy and Billy Brauer have a classic Vermont style farm house that had been in need of some serious work.  Windows were leaking and needed to be insulated and re-sealed, one hundred plus year old crown molding needed to be re-built, garage walls needed new windows and siding, and almost the entire building was covered in loose and flaking lead paint. Easy!

The Brauer's were terrific clients to have, and the entire crew had a great time enjoying beautiful summer days in a great setting bringing their home back to life, giving it the craftsmanship it deserved.

Thanks again Wendy and Billy!

The Brauer's are incredibly talented people and if you're not familiar with Billy's work, and his renowned paintings, here's a link for some of his work Bill Brauer.

My wife and I purchased one of Billy's gorgeous works and have it hanging in the entrance of our home.

Make the most of your bathroom. Tolchin take two.

Marty and Susan had us back to their Vermont condo to remodel Susan's bathroom on this go around.  Susan had very specific bold red wall-paper that she had always wanted to put up, consider it done!

But first the 1980s condo had to be complete stripped down, framing re-done, and insulated properly, and than we can put up the wallpaper; in addition they received new plumbing, sheetrock, new floor tile, new bathroom tile, new fixtures, and new trim.

Unfortunately this is what it looks like when you loose the working shots and have to retrieve them online.

Fleckenstein's New French Door

Mark and Jenneth's first floor of their home is driven by the kitchen, dinning room, and a relaxing back deck; which all flow into one another.  Unfortunately they were not in love with the "clunky" and poorly built glass doors off of the dinning area.  Hence they had Vermont Pro come into install a new french sliding door which opened up the layout, improved heat retention, and looked great!

The key part to this project was the intense supervision provided by VT Pro's youngest site supervisor, Fin Fleckenstein, who specializes in spacial utilization and tool efficiency.

Thanks Mark and Jenneth!